IN THE PRESENCE OF POWER – ‪#‎PowerPlays‬&Intrigues

Power is usually exuded more through body language and non-verbal cues than through words. Picture this.

SCENE 1.( It’s late evening Friday 24th July 2015)

‪#‎Airforce1‬ with POTUS aboard, touches down at the JKIA at exactly 8:02 pm. The atmosphere in the airport is evidently pregnant with palpable anticipation as the leader of the “free world” makes a grand entry into the home country of his late father.
The Kenyan president is at hand with an entourage, largely constituted of his close family members, lined up to receive the most powerful man under the sun. All present are unable to conceal their excitement.

When the spectacular monster of a plane finally comes to a halt, the president, together with his lineup, move closer to it ready to receive POTUS. The Kenyan president uneasily stands right at the foot of the ladder leading up to #Airforce1, as everyone waits to have a glimpse of this famous son of the soil.

It takes close to five minutes before POTUS finally emerges from his flying fortress and energetically springs down the ladder. All this while, president Uhuru looks a bit fidgety. He is obviously used to people waiting for him and not the other way round.

As if to intentionally prolong the agonizing wait, POTUS goes ahead to take his sweet time to receive a bouquet of flowers from a young girl, has an unnecessarily long chitchat with the little lass, then finally poses for a photograph with her; all the while without as much as a fleeting glance in the Kenyan commander-in-chief’s direction. The body language here shows who is senior and in control of the time.

POTUS then goes ahead to give his Kenyan counterpart a quick one shoulder embrace (devoid of any warmth) and curtly exchanges a few words with him
before proceeding to shake the hands of those lined up to welcome him, as president Uhuru introduces them one by one.
The last one on the line is Auma Obama, POTUS’ step-sister, who receives a long and warm embrace from her famous brother. President Uhuru looks really humbled.

All along, the absence of D.P William Ruto in the team that welcomed Obama is so conspicuous; a fact that raises many eyebrows…………………..


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