A young boy suffering from malnutrition

I love animals, especially the rare wild ones which keep the traffic of tourists from western countries flowing into our game parks; pumping dollars into our economy, while at it. Recently, some poor dentist (animal hater) from USA killed an old lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe and the world has behaved as if the sky is falling.

On the other hand, statistics have shown that 2500 children, in Africa, die daily due to starvation and thirst and we rarely hear the kind of noise that has been generated around the murder of Cecil, the big cat! Come on people! The world should get real! Where are our priorities? Don’t we conserve this wildlife for the future generations? Which future generation if a child dies out of starvation and hunger, in Africa, every ten seconds?

I am not an advocate of poaching or thoughtless hunting of wildlife but I am just wondering: Exactly at what point did the campaign to save wildlife overtake the that of saving starving children? So can we say that the modern lion or elephant seems to be enjoying more security and privileges than a starving child in Turkana. We definitely need to get our priorities right. We need to see more people talking about poor folks who die everyday due to lack of clean water and food in many parts of Africa and Asia.

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