IN THE PRESENCE OF POWER – ‪#‎PowerPlays‬&Intrigues

Power is usually exuded more through body language and non-verbal cues than through words. Picture this. SCENE 1.( It's late evening Friday 24th July 2015) ‪#‎Airforce1‬ with POTUS aboard, touches down at the JKIA at exactly 8:02 pm. The atmosphere in the airport is evidently pregnant with palpable anticipation as the leader of the "free... Continue Reading →


I love animals, especially the rare wild ones which keep the traffic of tourists from western countries flowing into our game parks; pumping dollars into our economy, while at it. Recently, some poor dentist (animal hater) from USA killed an old lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe and the world has behaved as if the sky... Continue Reading →

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