So I recently sneak into the country unnoticed, just in time to witness the epic‪#‎ObamaHomecoming‬ and work on some projects too. Destination? The home of world champions, Eldoret. Who would want to miss the historic return of this famous son of the very soil of this land called kenya?

After a long weekend filled with a fair share of ‪#‎ObamaMania‬, yesterday I decide to pop into the Catholic university (CUEA YABA) so that I can make use of some of their good facilities, especially the library, for my projects.

After sitting in the library for a while, I decide that the evening is cold enough for a hot cup of tea in the cafeteria. On my way out, I pass through the gents, right next to the lecture halls above the registry office, to do the obvious.

I have to admit that I must have been suffering from a nasty‪#‎ObamaHangover‬. After doing my thing, I walk out leaving my Amazon kindle (e-book reader) sitting pretty on top of the toilet cistern. I don’t remember that I had a kindle till after enjoying my hot cup of tea!
Trust me, you don’t wanna see how I rushed back to the gents, hoping against hopes that I could find the gadget waiting for me. You guessed right. It wasn’t there! You also don’t want to hear the loud frustrated sigh that escaped my mouth when I thought of all the important books, personal files and documents that suddenly went missing with the damn gadget. I just say a simple prayer that the good lord touch the heart of whoever picked the kindle.
After reporting the loss to the admissions and registry offices, I resignedly go home silently consoling myself that people lose cars or even lives. Don’t we all do that? But the truth is, we always catch ourselves agonizing over the loss. It is not lost on me that the university has several students, which makes the chances of ever getting the gadget back very slim.

Then, this morning I check into the university and I make a beeline for the admissions office. The first thing that the secretary tells me is, “Your kindle was picked by a student who handed it over to the ICT department!” I feel like jumping over the desk to give her a long tight hug, but I manage to have a hold on myself when I realize that I am in a public office. I pinch myself twice to make sure that I am not dreaming!
Now that is the sweet land of Kenya for you. Who said that university students are an irresponsible lot? Who said that prayers don’t work? I am still hunting down the mysterious student so that I can revenge by personally thanking him and perhaps inviting him for a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, big up to all students and staff of ‪#‎CUEA‬ ‪#‎YABA‬. This is definitely the place to be.

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