We all have those little and annoying demons that never leave us alone. They come in different names and sizes but always spew the same venom into our minds. Their venom is characterized by constant worry, fear, shame, despair, guilt, and self-loathing. Is there anything in your life that triggers these feelings in you? Those are the demons that I am talking about! The effect of their venom can be so paralyzing that at times we are completely unable to make any meaningful progress in life. The good news is that, the only person who is in the best position to slay “your demons” is never far from where you are. The person is YOU!

For us to utilize our full potential on earth, we must gather enough courage to pull out our inner sword of faith,then squarely face off with “our demons” and slay them one by one. Unless we do this, our real capabilities will always remain in a limbo and underutilized. Is it possible to slay them? YES. Is it easy? NOT EXACTLY, BUT IT IS POSSIBLE. It takes a great deal of internal turmoil and struggle before we can even contemplate slaying “our demons” since they have strongly etched themselves in our minds to an extent that we think they are actually part of us. If you noticed, I write “our demons” in quotes since the demons are actually not ours but we, over time, learn to own them when we allow them to gradually have a a stranglehold on us.

However, when you finally think that you are done slaying all your little demons and your potential is being unleashed, there is one big red eyed demon that lingers on for a little bit longer. It is the strongest of them all. It is different because it is very friendly and  can easily manage to persuade you into believing that all your accomplishments are either by chance or mere luck.

Psychologists call this red-eyed last demon the “impostor syndrome.” It manages to convince you that you are actually not capable of what you already accomplished. It will always leave you feeling like a fraud and very worried that someone will finally find out how unqualified you really are, in spite of all your accomplishments! This last demon torments most of the people who have made it to the top in various fields that are normally open to intense public scrutiny. It might be managerial positions in different careers or in creative arts such as music, acting and writing industries.
People who suffer from the impostor syndrome are constantly in fear of being discovered as masqueraders who pretend to be so good in what they do, and be finally fired or put into public shame. Its overall effect is an ever increasing number of people who look so accomplished from the outside but feeling so empty and stressed inside.This is a demon that takes lots of inner strength to slay, but it has to be slayed altogether, in order for anybody to become a true achiever.

The funny thing is, these little imps make you very much aware of all that you really wanna be and all that you desire to achieve in life, but then they go ahead to explain to you why you are not qualified to achieve it! It is high time you drew out your sword of inner strength (faith) and held these small devils by their tails and told them this, “You know what little demons? Thank you so much for showing me what I really need in life, but it is just about time I moved on without your advice.” Then you can go ahead and slay them one by one. Only then can you start leading a fuller and more fulfilled life.


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