Bruce Jenner.
Caitlyn Jenner.


How far are human beings willing to go in order to “bask” in the limelight and fame? Above are photos of the same man, or is it “wo-man”? Before and after plastic surgery. This must be the pinnacle of man’s vanity!

Bruce Jenner, the 1970s Olympian athlete and step dad of the famous Kardashians, is now officially known as Caitlyn Jenner after undergoing multiple plastic surgeries to give him a new feminine look.

When my sister-in-law showed us the photo of the brand new and “stunning” Caitlyn Jenner, immediately after it hit the media, she accurately predicted that soon the media would be awash with congratulatory messages praising “her” for being brave enough to come out openly about her little secret of being transgender, blah blah blah…

Indeed,true to her word, Caitlyn enjoys massive online support; she gained more than a million followers in four hours. Beating Barack Obama (POTUS), who held the title for two weeks, Jenner has made the new Twitter record, according to Guinness World Records.

One of the prominent London based online magazines wrote that, “Bruce Jenner, Olympian athlete and step dad of model and American TV actress Kim Kardashian will remain an iconic name and a flag bearer in annals of history. Reborn as a new person Caitlyn Jenner wants to be known as ‘the megababe formerly known as Bruce Jenner.’ Caitlyn has boosted a new energy to an oppressed community offering a better visibility to the transgender.”

Anybody can agree with me that this is no mean feat, but according to me, this is precisely what the highly publicized transformation was meant to achieve. Fame and all the trappings that come with it! Forget about the crap of crawling from under a rock, after 66 years of lack of self identity.

Call me stone-age, neanderthal, primitive, illiberal, intolerant or whatever you like, but I refuse to be politically correct on this. I fail to understand why so many people choose to applaud such unnatural theatrics in order to be seen as forward-thinking or “civilized.” Politicians (being smart hypocrites) can afford to remain politically correct by supporting such diabolic acts, since they fear losing support from a section of society; but I think the transgender issue is a bit absurd and it leaves so many questions unanswered. For instance, in Caitlyn’s case, people may want to know:

1. Does she believe that God created her in His own Image? That is, if at all she believes in the existence of God.

2. Why did she pretend to be a dad for so long, till she hit 66 years?

3.Will Caitlyn still be the Kardashians “stepfather” or she will now become their “Stepmother”?

4. Her mother gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, named Bruce Jenner, who went ahead to become one of America’s most beloved track athletes of the 1970s. Will she still look at Caitlyn as her son or now her”daughter”?

5. Now that people will be using the name “Caitlyn” as well as female pronouns, what happens when they have to refer to moments in the past when she was still Bruce? won’t they be forced to use “he” and other male pronouns?

I think this whole transgender thing is a total mockery of God’s creation. I suspect that there is a huge conspiracy by some “enterprising” individuals who are hell bent to make transgender and plastic surgery look very fashionable. Obviously, it must have cost Bruce Jenner a fortune to be surgically transformed to Caitlyn Jenner. And, with the kind of media attention he/she managed to attract, a precedent has been set. Soon many more plastic surgeons will be smiling all the way to the bank.

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