It is very obvious that one William Samoei Arap-Ruto is being conned politically when some politicians from Central Kenya claim to support him for a presidential bid in 2022. Unfortunately, very few people will sympathise with his sorry situation due to the air of arrogance he has been carrying around himself lately.

There are a few vital lessons that history presents to us, and only a fool will forget too soon. How long did it take Kibaki to trash the pre-election MOU between him and the other NARC luminaries, who gave him the presidency on a silver platter? Look who is loudly clamouring for Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid! Those who are doing so are simply telling him that he will never come of age to be president before 2022! hellooo! 2022 is 8 years away and Ruto is not a Rock!

The dynamics of Kenyan politics are known to change drastically overnight and Ruto has so many odds against him, including mega-corruption-scandal allegations, the ICC shadow that stubbornly refuses to go away, and above all, the intense political opposition led by Governor Isaac Kiprono Ruto and Gideon Moi, in his own R.valley backyard. All these combined are like a slow puncture for the DP’s political star and those supporting his 2022 bid know well that he may not last that long!

By the way, if you thought that the TNA side of the Jubilee Coalition is not enjoying the opposition the DP is facing in the great Rift, then you must be a political novice. After all, Which president would want a very strong number two? The more the DP is cut into size in his own backyard, the more it plays to the advantage of his coalition partners, as his bargaining power keeps on dwindling! In other words, JAP is just but another political “mbus” (As Kiraitu would say) which Uhuru Kenyatta will use to ride into state house come 2017. It is simply meant to consolidate the “tyranny of numbers” that swept Jubilee into power in 2013, ahead of Uhuru’s 2017 bid; and that will be the end of the story.

Stop this big joke that JAP is meant to unite all Kenyans. Which Kenyans? The “tyranny of numbers?” We all know the communities that came together to form the “tyranny of numbers and if these are the Kenyans the Jubilee Alliance Party aims to unite, then we can safely say that they are the first class Kenyans who are supposed to give us presidents for the next 20 years. So then what happens to those who are outside the “tyranny of numbers?” Are they third rate Kenyans who should just be spectators? This is a question that we can no longer shy away from and the sooner we tackle it the better for our beloved country.
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  1. Only the brave can come out with the naked truth like this.

    We love burying our heads in the sand, hoping the political mess will “sort it self out somehow without involving me too much”. Ruto’s goose was cooked as soon son of Jomo was declared President by the IEBC. Its only a matter of time before the cooked goose gets eaten.


    1. I can’t agree with you more Sammy. It will actually take a miracle, for Ruto’s political star to rise further than the Deputy-presidency, only Moi and Kibaki managed to beat the jinx and agony of being number two in this country. This is because they knew the fundamental rule of the office: “Be humble and always loyal to number one and never even in your dreams show some appetite for your boss’s seat even if you are planning to occupy it 100 years from now.” Ruto has broken the fundamental rule and he will pay dearly for it. 8 years are a whole eternity for politics and believe me you, by 2022 the dynamics will be completely different.

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      1. I even think giving him 8 years is being too generous. Those power brokers around the son of Jomo are watching his every move, especially the Hague business, hoping it conveniently solves the equation for them. Problem of not seeking DTM’s counsel on being a sly #2


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