25 yr old university student – Allan wadi, who was recently jailed for 2 years for posting derogatory statements, about the president, on his blog.


President uhuru would come out smelling nice if he invoked the power of “Pardon” bestowed upon him by the constitution, to offer clemency to the hapless 4th year university student (Allan wadi) who was recently jailed for using abusive language against him. Mr Wadi was jailed for two years; one year with an option of a Sh100,000 fine and another one year without the option of a fine.

First we all have to be in agreement that the young man must be suffering from some mental disorder since the obscene and unprintable words he hurled at the president, in his blog, are not the kind of words that a young African man is expected to direct to a man who is old enough to be his father. I am sure president Uhuru’s children are about the same age as Allan Wadi and as an African, I believe that you could escape jail for such an act but you couldn’t escape some kind of a curse.

Having said that, the law might have taken its course, but it is extremely difficult to
eliminate the notion that this is a case between the president of the republic of Kenya and an obscure university student who is an age mate to the president’s children and who is obviously deranged. The rebellious streak depicted by this young man is an obvious cover of a deeper and bigger problem, and this might be his way of screaming for attention.As a father figure of the nation, the president will come out as a vengeful father who can never embrace a rebellious son if he allows the young man to rot in prison as his education goes down the drain, and this is surely going to leave a lot of egg on his face.

From a political perspective, the recent crackdown on bloggers has seen the whip fall on those who are perceived to be against the government only, while there are several characters from areas that are presumed “politically correct”, who have been spewing pure tribal vitriol that borders incitement against some Kenyan tribes, yet nobody has touched them. A good example is Moses Kuria, the Gatundu member of parliament who yesterday escaped with a pat on the back after posting very serious inciting statements against a certain tribe in Kenya, on social media! This can only serve to strengthen the allegation that the Jubilee government is too keen to silence any dissenting voices.
Lastly, what may be of interest to law scholars is that, the law invoked to convict Allan Wadi and found him guilty of “Undermining the authority of a public officer” has very archaic provisions which were introduced in 1952. This is a law that was obviously meant to serve the colonial master’s interests by silencing the natives who were in the process of clamoring for the country’s independence. Surely this can’t be one of the laws in use in any progressive nation in the 21st century.
Whichever way you look at it, the president is better off setting the young man free before he turns him into some kind of a hero who will soon be emulated by several others. After all, why use a huge Maasai club to kill a mosquito? Sometimes what these rebellious young people need is to be embraced with love which they rarely come across in our society today and you might be surprised at the wonders this approach can work. by pardoning Allan Wadi, president Uhuru will come out as a mature and forgiving father figure of the nation and this will definitely soften even the hardest of hearts of those people who think ill of him.

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