MPs debate draconian bill in parliamentThe suspension of some of the clauses from the new security law which was acrimoniously passed by parliament last month is enough proof that the whole process was irredeemably flawed. It is obvious that the judge did not want to embarrass the govt by suspending the whole act but he stopped short of doing so, and the AG’s vow to appeal is just but a face-saving gimmick.

The manner in which the bill was passed in parliament after an embarrassingly chaotic debate (if indeed there was any) completely redefined Charles Darwin’s theory of the law of the jungle; SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST, as the MP’s publicly went for each other’s throat and other unprintable parts of the body. Logic demands that the process of making laws which are meant to govern all citizens, be done through a sober and civilized process.

The scenes that were aired live from parliament that day made a complete mockery of the sacred law-making process. In fact they were enough to stop the process till consensus was built. If the 8 clauses suspended by judge Odunga are the poison in the act, which may infringe on rights of the citizens as stipulated in our progressive bill of rights, then we can safely say that the whole act is unpalatable and should be discarded altogether.

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