It is a most despicable, primitive and barbaric act for any group of men to strip a lady (or help her complete the stripping act that she started in her house) in public. If such goons are allowed to take the law into their hands, we will have nothing short of anarchy. This heinous act shows total disrespect for our mothers and sisters.
However, there are always two sides of the coin. Just as these goons have no right to strip them, ladies have no moral right to appear in public as if they just stepped out of the shower and forgot to throw something on their bodies. It is at this point that one may be tempted to ask: Do the goons really strip them or they only help them to complete the stripping act that the ladies intentionally started from their own houses and left it halfway?
I know, choice of dress is one of women’s fundamental rights but it doesn’t mean that they show us their “funda-mendals” unnecessarily, in crowded streets, buses and churches! The fact is, many men would want to appear politically correct in public by saying that they don’t care whether women step out in a belt-sized skirt or in a tent-sized “buibui”.
However, truth be said, majority of men raise their eyebrows every time a scantily dressed woman passes by. Most of them suffer neck-aches from the effect of turning their necks through 180 degrees while ogling at such women!
We have to agree that law enforcement agents can’t be everywhere to protect the semi-naked ladies. However, these sexually deprived and perverted idlers, who strip women, are always all over town. So what motivates a lady to dress or undress so provocatively and strut her stuff in the midst of such rowdy mobs? Is this not the same as suggestively winking at the perverts? Women should know that their bodies are sacred temples of God and hence overly exposing them is demeaning their value.

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