I must begin by admitting that the duo of Mohamed Ali and John Allan Namu of the famous KTN’s “Jicho Pevu” and “Inside Story” respectfully, easily perch at the top of Kenya’s nascent investigative journalism.Their latest special expose, aptly named PRAYER PREDATORS, featuring one Dr.Prophet Victor Kanyiri; which was aired yesterday on KTN’s prime time news, left a despicable taste in the mouth of anybody who watched it. If whatever was exposed is true, then this fake man of the cloth must have probably earned his Phd and his prophet status in the deep abyss of hell.
The man purportedly uses simple Chemistry to perform “miracles” by secretly applying chemical indicators (preferably Potassium parmanganate) that change colour when in contact with water, on the feet of his victims as he prays for them. Once the feet are washed in “Holy water”, as the man of God fervently prays, the indicator changes to red and the victims are convinced that bad blood is oozing out of their legs, together with any disease that afflicted them, including HIV AIDS! The drama is concluded by a retinue of fake and well coached witnesses who confess how the “man of God” healed them when they were about to give up in life. A brief background check on the financial status of the unsuspecting victims enables the “man of God” to gauge the size of “seed” that the victim needs to plant in exchange for the miraculous healing. The spin doctors of hot gossip have added a new and juicy twist to the story by discovering that the “Dr prophet” was secretly married to the famous gospel musician Betty Bayo of “11th hour” hit song.

This scandal has sent the tongues of social media pedestrians wagging. Sometimes I get amused at the way Kenyans on the streets of Twitter and Facebook suddenly become the judges, jury and executioners in blanket condemnations of the church every time a fake pastor is exposed. It is obvious that Satan uses such occurrences to rubbish the good work the church is doing elsewhere. Suddenly, everyone on social media is holier than thou and an expert on matters of the Christian gospel!First we must agree that, just like we have rotten cops, teachers, doctors and gov’t officials, having rotten pastors is not a new phenomenon. The Bible calls them false prophets and teachers in 1 TIMOTHY 1:3-7; 4:1-5, and 2 PETER 2:1. In fact, some of the loudest in the condemnation are teachers who have been sending exam answers to candidates through WhatsApp or doctors and nurses who have been selling freely donated blood in hospitals, while some are civil servants who have been earning salaries of ghost workers as other Kenyans go to bed hungry.

Don’t get me wrong since I am not defending any rogue pastor here. What I am suggesting is that, as we remove the piece of wood in the eye of this “prayer predator” let us do it in introspection as we check out whether we have a log in our own eyes that might prevent us from identifying a false prophet when we see one.
There is no doubt that, for us to have anything fake, there must be the original first. Who has ever seen a fake Ksh.900 note in this country? I guess none because we don’t have an original currency of such denomination. The best way to identify a fake is by knowing the original.
So before we wax lyrical about the fake, the question we should be asking ourselves is: Do we know the original? Again the Bible has offered very clear guidelines on how to escape from false prophets and teachers in 1PETER 2:2 and EPHESIANS 4:14-15.
Apparently, God’s people are perishing because of their own ignorance. But we have to remember that even in secular law, “IGNORANCE IS NO DEFENSE”

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