(In this Nation media photo, ODM CEO Magerer Langat is roughed up by Nairobi county ODM MCAs )

If your son is a rugby player, a professional boxer or a Tae-Kwondo master and you advise him to join politics in future, I bet you are on the right track. But if he plays less physical games like table tennis, then politics is a no no.
As the present political situation in Kenya confirms, the skills gained in the more physical sports might be very much in handy for anyone planning to join the theatre of the absurd that our political scene has become.

There is an alarmingly growing trend of going physical to solve even the slightest political difference in the country today.The worst was in Machakos county where there was an ugly gunfire exchange between aides of the governor and those of senior county assembly officials, which left scores of people with fatal gunshot wounds. Then we were treated to a public boxing match between Machakos county MCAs, at a public meeting; funnily they included women who seemed ready to give somebody a knockout any time.Then came the flying shoes directed at the presidential dais in Migori. The latest is an incident where ODM chief executive officer Magerer langat was violently ejected out of orange house by marauding Nairobi county MCAs. Whatever the poor guy might have done, he did not deserve to be roughed up like that in the full glare of cameras! One wonders why we had to include a threshold of educational qualifications, for those running for various political offices, especially the county assemblies, in our constitution! Was the clause not supposed to eliminate some of the dimwits we have recently seen in action? It is high time we tried a different elimination method.

Kalembe Ndile might be having a point after-all, when he says that Moses never went to any university, but he superbly led Israelites during their most trying times, on their way to Canaan, through an unforgiving desert. Every time we conduct an election, we might be creating an elite of educated fools who never cease to amaze us with endless drama on prime time news. Am I the only one who is seeing a connection between the shameless public attacks and MCAs?
The educational threshold was meant to eliminate the semi-literate, chair-throwing former municipal/county and city council councilors who never considered any meeting successful until chairs flew all over the venue as overweight grown-up men and women exchanged deadly blows, while dodging missiles.

Unfortunately, we only managed to change the Councillors’ titles to MCAs. We might have changed the forest but the monkeys remain the same. The former Councillors transferred all their bad behaviors to the county assemblies. They are even more dangerous now that they have the powers to impeach any county executive whose face they don’t like. They have since been seizing any opportunity to flex their new-found muscles just like excited teenagers who suddenly discover that they have grown hair in other parts of the body apart from their heads.
I have argued here before that, giving MCAs powers to impeach is like giving naughty children loaded guns. I doubt whether most of them fully understand the law behind impeachment. Most of them look at it as a means of arm-twisting and blackmailing the governors to do what they want, which includes extorting money from the county heads. Our children will be forgiven if they think that the main work of MCAs is to impeach county executives and spur in public.

Somebody must reign in on the MCAs before the political situation in the country deteriorates to irreversibly absurd and embarrassing lows; and for the love of God, this has to be quick. More than 80% of the shamefully physical political confrontations we have seen played out, in public, in the recent times can only be traced back to the overly unruly MCAs.

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