The Zambian president Michael Sata is dead. Political Pundits predict high voltage succession politics in the S.African country, especially because of the fact that the Zambian vice president-Guy Scott- is white.

The Zambian constitution is clear that in the event of a sitting president’s sudden demise, the vice president automatically holds brief for three months, after which fresh elections are conducted. Maybe the biggest question in the minds of many world citizens is: Will the South African country be the first to be headed by a white president in the post-colonial era?

Already Scott’s detractors are claiming that he is not a legitimate Zambian citizen and it will be interesting to watch the turn of political events in Zambia in the near future.
My take is, if Guy Scott qualified to be vice-president in the country, then there is no reason as to why he can’t qualify to be president. However, we are likely to be treated to a new form of racial discrimination whereby a white Guy, who belongs to the white minority, will be at the receiving end.

Neo-colonialism is likely to be one of the favorite subjects of his opponents in the campaign trail, if Guy runs for president. Which puts to test the very basis of democracy. Does a member of a minority group stand a chance of enjoying his democratic right to lead an African country?

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