Let us face the facts. Whichever way one looks at it, Kenya is making history today as the first country ever to have its sitting president appear in court, on foreign soil. Forget about the theatrics of temporarily handing over power to DP W.S.Ruto.
You can only have one president of a country at a given point and, in our case, that happens to be one Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, who is at the moment being treated as chief suspect of heinous crimes against humanity at the Hague. It could be different only if he resigned as head of state and faced the court as a private citizen.
Lest we forget, W.S.Ruto’s title now is, Acting president, not mr. President. This is why he is not commander in chief. It is the same reason why he can’t touch the ministers under whatever circumstances. The real commander in chief is before a foreign court as we speak.

It is amazing how several sycophants have been trying to outdo each other in waxing lyrical about the sovereignty of Kenya, as if they cared so much about it when we killed each other like savages in 07/08 PEV. Led by Sonko, they have taken it a notch higher today morning, by making a spectacle of themselves outside ICC, while singing like school children; one wonders whether this will change anything!
If Kenyans really cared about their country’s sovereignty and believed in the rule of law, as a member of the international community, then for what reason would they put suspects in the two highest offices of the land, other than for the purpose of defeating justice?

If the OTP at the ICC manages to prove its claims that there has been a massive scheme of tampering with witnesses, instigated by the current gov’t, then we are yet to see the end of this drama. It is obvious that the OTP is playing victim up against powerful individuals at the helm of a gov’t that is determined to tamper with evidence using all means possible. This will force the court to bare its teeth and claws to save its credibility before the international community. It will be very interesting to watch the events as they unfold.

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Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

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