just stumbled on a very interesting article by Caroline Njung’e, in today’s Sunday Nation newspaper, lamenting on how suddenly, every city girl talks and behaves like a Kardashian and it hit me right between my eyes, how powerful the media has become in influencing the thinking and behavior of the youth today.

Never mind that the American reality show by the name, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is one of the most boring reality Tv shows aired on American Tv today. It features the day to day lives of a rich family of six “adult children” The most popular of the six, is Kim Kardashian who shot to fame after her sex video went viral few years back and is currently married to Kanye West. Her previous marriage lasted for 72 hours!

funnily enough, the show commands a fanatical following among the youth across the world, especially in the US and Africa. If you happen to eavesdrop to a conversation between young Kenyan ladies. This is how it is likely to sound:
GIRL A: Oh mi god! I was like…..leave me
alone-like, seriously! Like what does
he take me for?
GIRL B: Like, are you for real?! Like that is super stupid! Like I am super shocked! And the story goes on..

The gestures that accompany the conversation, with fragile and delicately balanced hands; add an occasional well calculated throwing back of their synthetic hair off the eyebrows is a topic for another day. Na hapo ndio Kardachians wametufikicha. Like seriously, have a nice Sunday evening 😏.

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