Life is like a highway and human beings are the vehicles on it. There are so many signs on this highway. Those vehicles that are driven carefully by observing all the safety signs on the highway reach their destinations safely.

On the highway of life, there are different kinds of vehicles. There are those that produce very loud noises; you may think they are flying over the road but in the real sense they have no momentum. Shun them and move on.
There are those that produce alot of smoke which blurs the vision of all those nearby. They have a bad attitude that emits alot of negative energy. Such may make you lose focus. Make sure you overtake them.

There are overlapping “matatus” that seem to be so much in a hurry than all the rest only to end up getting stuck in the wrong side of the highway and eventually,the law. Don’t be tempted to follow them.
You get to meet with the luxurious fuel guzzlers that make you look like you are stuck in the same spot whilst you are doing 100km/h. Don’t you worry. You are likely to get them parked by the roadside a few kilometers ahead as they need constant refueling. Stick to your budget no matter what.
There are the trucks that transport goods over long distances. They always carry valuable goods and move slowly but surely. They always stick to their lane. Most of the time they reach their destinations intact. If you want to go far, they might be good company.

Finally, there are the break-downs. These are the vultures of the road. You can never see them on the highway of life until you meet with an accident. They have no destination. They are always hovering in the shadows, somewhere off the highway and only appear from nowhere when there are casualties that need to be taken off the highway.

They come in the name of rescuing but in the real sense they come to feast on the remains and seem to draw satisfaction from your bad luck.
Be wary of the breakdowns near the highway of life. They are merciless scavengers that will earnestly descend on whatever remains of you once you are down. The only way to evade them is by avoiding being a casualty before you reach your destination. WHICH OTHER VEHICLES DO YOU KNOW ON THIS HIGHWAY?


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