Injured Brazilian national soccer team player Neymar cries during a news conference in Teresopolis(photo:Brazilian football star Neymar cries at a press conference)

The 2014 FIFA WORLD-CUP has not disappointed with its fair share of side-shows. Starting with celebrated players like Suarez transforming from heroes to miserable blood-thirsty carnivores overnight, African teams threatening to boycott playing before getting their allowances first and the rumours that the allowances had to be flown to Brazil by a chattered plane before they budged, the likes of Song savagely attacking their opponents from behind and earning a red card which goes on to shatter the dreams of his team and a whole continent, a Colombian player almost sending Brazilian poster boy Neymar to a wheelchair for the rest of his life and finally, Al-Shabaab claiming responsibility of the disaster that befell the Brazilian team in their last game with the Germans.

But perhaps what has caught the attention of many is the creative Coke ad that groups football fans to various categories including the CLUELESS, aptly represented by a lady celebrating (alone!) at half-time that her team has won, the ADMIRERS, represented by starry-eyed girls cheering a bare chested player and the DIE-HARDs represented by cooks in a kitchen, who smell a goal even when the food they are supposed to be cooking catches flames behind them!

I particularly feel sorry for the clueless girl when a brutally honest dude shuts her up by quipping that, ” But it is only half-time!”. The poor girl wishes the ground could open and swallow her up! the ad is simply a stroke of genius.


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