I take this rare opportunity to invite readers to the blog, “BIRD’S EYE VIEW”. This blog provides a platform for discussing topical issues that affect our society on a day to day basis. These may be social, economic, political or religious issues; only that we intend to take this a notch higher by scrutinising the story behind the story and encouraging people to not only think outside the box but discard the box altogether.

This way, we will allow our minds to freely soar to greater heights, up to a point where we start seeing things from a clearer point of view –  a Bird’s Eye View. To achieve this, we must rise together to a higher pedestal and deliberately allow ourselves to become free thinkers.

Besides political opinion, I will also be providing exquisite pieces on a wide range of areas including sports, lifestyle, health, motivation, entertainment, literature, life skills and priceless tips on life in general.

comments from readers are always highly welcome so long as we engage constructively, in a mature intellectual intercourse, and avoid the use of any derogatory or demeaning language. When you make any contribution, ensure that you are mindful of others and respect their opinions even when you don’t quite agree with them.

Welcome aboard. This is your captain Gilbert Kenya and I hope you will enjoy the flight. Remember that, in every story that unfolds, the BIG BIRD is always watching! Bird’s Eye View, taking the blogging experience to the next level.


Add yours

  1. Thanks bro @babu. Been doing this for a while now and I am poised to take it to the next level. Please feel free to forward your contributions via this platform and let’s together build a better future for our nation.


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