The Oscar Awards

86th Annual Academy Awards - ShowBeen thinking about my sister LUPITA and the glory that comes with winning the coveted Oscar award. It is obviously the ultimate prize for any serious actor in the Film industry.
But, such prizes come with very high prices. After the party is over, the stars realize that they have been suddenly thrust into a totally new and very demanding life. It is usually very hard to make it to the top but it is even harder to remain at top.
They can no longer live their lives the way they want.Everything they do is always closely monitored by the media and paparazzis that religiously convey the “news ” to the hungry public. The celeb can’t afford any “silly ” mistake like every normal mortal does once in a while. It goes viral in social media within a few minutes and makes headlines in several media houses across the globe!
It is also human to start getting bored with what you have worked very hard for, once you get it. Then this big Question pops up once in a while in every celeb ‘s mind: Is this all I was looking for? Or what is so special about this anyway? This can make one feel so empty inside. This is a very tricky moment which can lead to serious depression. The fact is, it takes only God the creator to fill such emptiness. But unfortunately many celebs turn to drugs and sexual escapades to fill the void. And this is where things start going wrong! So next time you come face to face with a celeb, ask him/her this one question: ARE YOU HAPPY? If the answer is genuinely in the affirmative then that celeb knows God, since the real joy that has proved elusive to many, only comes from God.

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