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Are “Independent” Candidates Really Independent?

Independent candidates
Peter Kenneth, William Kabogo & Buzeki in Kasarani Safaricom Stadium on 20/05/2017. They led Kenya Association of Independent candidates (KAIC), whose members are mainly from Central Kenya and R. Valley, in endorsing president Uhuru for re-election.
It beats logic to say that you are an independent candidate who is not aligned with any political party, and then you go ahead to say that you are supporting a JUBILEE or NASA presidential candidate! How do you support a presidential candidate without agreeing with his party’s modus operandi, manifesto or ideologies? Tricky Sana.
 It is not lost on us that, apart from Miguna Miguna and a few other political aspirants, who were independent right from the start, the rest of the gang in the independent bandwagon went independent in protest against what they termed as shambolic and utterly unfair nominations in their former parties.
 Let’s not cheat each other. There’s no love lost between independents and the presidential candidates that they purport to support. independents don’t give a damn whether the presidential candidates win or not. All they care about is their political survival through all means possible. They only talk of supporting Raila or Uhuru because they don’t want to look like they are antagonising the two presidential front-runners in their perceived strongholds. That will be political suicide.
 Finally, when the campaign proper begins and the presidential candidates hit the ground in search of votes, there is no doubt that they will be telling people to vote for their party candidates because they need substantial numbers, in both county and national assemblies, for them to smoothly implement their agenda.
 This is where the rubber will meet the road and the gloves will definitely be thrown off. Let’s just face it; the duel between the so-called independents and preferred party candidates will be as bare-knuckled as they come. Expect them to go at each other with all they got, as it will be a do or die affair.
 This is not only going to really complicate matters for the presidential front-runners but it is likely to significantly change our political landscape. Mark my words. The huge number of “independents” cannot be ignored.
 Given that most of them are seasoned politicians who can’t be described as political lightweights, plus the fact that a good number of them are seriously moneyed political ninjas, things are likely to get ugly between parties and independents. It will be interesting to watch how this pans out.



NASA principals Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetang'ula, Isaac Rutto, Musalia Mudavadi and Raila Odinga when they announced their presidential flag bearer at Uhuru Park, April 27, 2017. /REUTERS
NASA principals (From left to right) Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula, Isaac Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi and Raila Odinga in Uhuru park. 
If there is a politician in the Kenyan political landscape, who has made a mighty comeback in the recent past, then it must be one Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi, a.k.a Madvd.
Not only is NASA (the now unstoppable opposition phenomenon) his brainchild, but he has also been playing all the right political cards lately. Politics is simply a game of perceptions.
By appearing to shelf his presidential ambitions and handing over the NASA outfit to Raila Odinga, in one fell swoop, he pulled a political masterstroke that has positioned him as a serious presidential contender after 2022.
Mudavadi knew that the NASA idea would be dead on arrival, had he not moved with speed to convince Raila to own it (remember Raila got more Luhya votes than Mudavadi, in 2013). Now Mudavadi is strategically poised to inherit Raila’s legion of followers in Nyanza and Western Kenya after 2022.
For a man who in 2012 came across as the most inept and rudderless politician in Kenya, when Uhuruto seriously humiliated him and ended up labelling him a “saitani” in what is popularly known as the “Madimoni saga,” Mudavadi’s recent political comeback can be attributed to pure smart politics.
There is no doubt that NASA is set to sweep the badly deflated Jubilee out of power on August 8th this year. Jubilee promised people nirvana and delivered hell instead. They promised Kenyans fish and handed them a snake!
The cost of living that has shot through the roof under Jubilee’s watch is enough to send them packing on 8/8. No amount of PR and scapegoats can convince Kenyans that the current high cost of living and economic woes don’t have a direct connection with the blatant corruption and thoughtless borrowing by the Jubilee gov’t.
Apparently, Jubilee banked on two wishes: That NASA disintegrates through their supposed weak link – Kalonzo or Raila fails to become its flagbearer. Forget about Jubilee’s reverse psychology antics that they really wanted to face Raila because he is beatable. Raila has beaten them before and they know how hard he hits. And it turns out that they badly underestimated Kalonzo.
This is how reverse psychology works. Ask your enemy to give you what you really dread he might unleash, then your enemy moves to disappoint you by giving you something else! The endgame is, he does exactly what you wished for.
Unfortunately, none of the two Jubilee wishes came to pass. This explains the panic mode in government after a united and even bigger NASA endorsed Raila as its presidential flag bearer on April 27th.
The unwarranted attack on the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation, immediately after, was the clearest manifestation of a massive panic in a cornered Jubilee regime.
Now Uhuruto must be recoiling every time they see Madvd rumble, “Nasa haooo.” Is it payback time for Mudavadi? I think being the gentleman he is, Madvd will not revenge. Remember gentlemen don’t revenge, they return favours.
Each time Mudvd says “NASA haoo,” you exactly know who he is talking about. He says it with a lot of relish in his voice. The man is just out to return a small favour that Uhuruto did to him in 2012/13 when they called him a “saitani” or “Madimoni.”
When NASA finally takes over power after 8/8, and Raila Amolo Odinga becomes the 5th president of independent Kenya, Madvd will have fully returned the favour to Uhuruto and effectively become the heir apparent of Raila’s solid political base.

Why Kidero Might be Resting Easy

Image result for mike sonko photos
With Sonko as his main opponent in August 8th elections, Kidero might not need to campaign so hard to win back his gubernatorial seat for three simple reasons:
=> ONE. Sonko has obviously lost a big chunk of his 2013 support base because of the way he humiliated their son and preferred candidate, hence upsetting a well-calculated vision 2022. The disgruntled voting bloc may not vote for Kidero in protest, but they won’t be enthusiastic about voting for Sonko either. Many of them would rather remain noncommittal about the Nairobi gubernatorial race. On the other hand, Kidero retains a greater percentage of his 2013 voting bloc.
=> TWO. Sonko humiliated the powers that be by trouncing their preferred candidate- Peter Kenneth. The foul-tempered, wall-boxing urbanite has also shown a consistent streak of rebelling against the system and winning while at it. So the system is aware that he may not play ball if he becomes governor. The city fathers are definitely not happy with him. No system the world over enjoys such competition from within. Hence Sonko should forget about getting the full support of the Jubilee campaign machine come August 8th.
=> THREE. Sonko might be a populist politician with a charitable heart, who appeals to the poor of the poorest in the city, but when it comes to intricate matters such as managing a cosmopolitan city, he knows NADA! When the rubber finally meets the road about the management of city affairs and making solid and futuristic infrastructural plans for the Kenyan capital, Sonko will be like a dog caught in the headlights of a car, in pitch darkness.
Forget about this nonsense that one only needs to surround himself with smart brains and everything runs smoothly. The main man always has the final say. This is why many level-headed city dwellers will be voting against Sonko on August 8th.
With Sonko facing all those odds, Kidero might as well take a two months vacation in the breathtaking South Coast of New Zealand, and come back to do his campaigns one month to elections.




 Climbing, Rappelling, Canyoneering, Rope, Cliff

In the course of doing life, all of us – at some point – feel like it just conspired with none other than the devil himself to give us a bitter raw deal! This is regardless of the confident and normal public façade that most of us wear daily.
Apparently, even those who appear the strongest and most comfortable amongst us, turn out to be the weakest inside whenever they retreat into their inner private sanctums. However, those who understand the most interesting facts about life develop shock absorbers that cushion them whenever they face the worst challenges in their lives.
One of the most amazing facts about life is that the outwardly strongest people in our midst suffer the most since nobody seems to suspect that they do suffer and cry – inwards. They rarely get a shoulder to cry on just because, most of the time, they are busy offering theirs for someone else to cry on. Moreso, nobody expects them to cry too!
We live in a world that has become highly competitive to an extent that, if one dropped from Mars today, he would be forgiven to think that life on earth is one massive race to determine who comes on top of all the rest! People no longer live their unique lives the way they were meant to, but live according to the emerging world standards. Just think about it; if each one of us is unique, then aren’t our life races supposed to be totally different?
Information technology hasn’t made things any easier in this cutthroat competition in life. Folks are now able to keep tabs on others and instantly compare notes on how far they are in doing life. Right from the time, we appear on earth- as tiny human beings – our lives are conditioned by family, religion, education and most recently; social media. They are all always sanctioning us on what to do, how to look and even what we should think! This can get so tiring at times. Don’t you think so?
If you are feeling like crap today and thinking that life has given you a completely raw deal, it is most probably not because you are doing so badly than everybody else in the world. It is most likely just because you think you haven’t met the standards that the society has set for you! Just ask yourself one question: which standards am I using? If you are very honest, you will find out that comparison between yourself and people, with whom you think you should be at par, is your main yardstick and hence the main source of your problem! This is one of the most interesting facts about life that has given many people sleepless nights.
Most of the time, we measure our success in life using material things. We forget that happiness can never exist in things or places, but in us, whoever we are and wherever we are. We forget that even if we were to be given all the material things that we desire, we will still find something that makes life really suck; Moreso if we haven’t learnt how to derive happiness from the right sources, especially from the most mundane things such as the beauty of sunrise or sunset! Ever heard of seriously wealthy people who committed suicide? Why did they do it? They simply never found happiness after working so hard searching for it in all the wrong places!
It is true that life can get really challenging, but you know what? Normal life was never designed to be smooth. It must have its highs and lows if it is to be called normal. Anything else contrary to that is abnormal.
At the moment, life might be taking you through its lowest season and you feel like knocking your head severally against something hard (probably a concrete wall). Or you just feel like letting out a yell, loud enough to awaken a few ancestors from their graves within your vicinity. Just a minute; before you knock your head against that wall, or let out that deafening scream, this is for you. Here are the best ten facts about life that will make you go easy on yourself and remain focused.
1. As a Human Being, You Can Never be Perfect
As a matter of fact, the world sets very high standards for us. Right from our own parents, the schools we attend, the companies we work for, and our governments; all have very high expectations of us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that (Got you there). It is very important to set the highest goals that we can ever think of in life if we are to bring out our full potential and enjoy life to the fullest. However, it would be foolhardy to expect perfection, since if we do, we will be deluding ourselves. It is crucial to know our limits and always work hard on rectifying our weaknesses.
It would suffice to bear in mind that you must not become perfect in order for you to be happy and enjoy life; all you have to do is strive to be the best version of YOU. Remember, those who expect you to be perfect are themselves way too far from being perfect. Yes, competition is healthy and can motivate you to rise to unimaginable heights. I am glad you asked. All you need to guard against is falling into the trap of blindly competing with others and forgetting to become the best that you can ever be.
2. You make Mistakes Once in a while? It is Okay.
Sometimes we make missteps in life and get screwed really hard, definitely not in the way we would love to (tongue in the cheek). Normal life is full of serious gaffes and blunders since it never accords anybody the luxury of rehearsals. The most foolish thing you can do is to try and cover up your blunders by apportioning blame on others or just glossing over the mistakes as if nothing really happened. That will be your undoing.
The best thing to do is to take responsibility for your blunders and say sorry to anyone who might have directly or indirectly gotten hurt by your gaffes. Promise yourself that you will do better next time. Know what? Lessons learnt from failure are hardly forgotten; especially if you are a willing learner. Learning from failure is an indispensable life skill to anybody who cares about success in life.
3. You Must Keep Moving; be Action Oriented
In doing life, you never “arrive.” Those who are deemed the most successful people happen to be the busiest too! In life, you can only stop when your heart does. You must keep on conquering new heights. Nothing can be as depressing as stagnant life! Many people spend a lot of time admiring their last achievements and forget that there are new territories waiting to be conquered. If you are this type of person, you might pat yourself on the back so much about something you achieved last year and expect the world to be so glad to have you around!
But perhaps the worst stagnation comes when you glory so much in your wonderful human qualities such as being honest, kind and compassionate and forgetting to do something to bring out these qualities. This might make you look like a fake and a big loser. You must always demonstrate your worth wherever you are. You might be the best family man around, but your boss might not be impressed if you don’t deliver at your workplace. He can only recognise your worth if you get up and close those deals. Otherwise, you might face the axe!
What you need is to get up, do something and avoid resting on your laurels. While at it, always give it your best shot. Identify your goals and keep moving towards them no matter what and no matter how. Martin Luther King Jr. told us that, “If you can’t fly then run if you can’t run then walk if can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
4. Never Be Too Hard On Yourself
With a very competitive modern world, it is very easy for us to set impossible goals. At the end of the day, when we fail to hit anywhere near the target, we feel so bad about ourselves. We might always find ourselves wanting to be the best, the most competent, the most intelligent and the most successful person in the room. Again, there is nothing wrong about wanting to be the best. The problem is; we can never be all these things at once, all the time. This is why some people end up being very severely self-critical.
Accepting that some people might be better than us is not the same as accepting defeat. You can be sure that the world has seen many people who were better than you by far. Most of the things that we struggle to be good at are those things that were invented by these sages centuries ago! It is always enough to be your best.
Many of us are always kind and compassionate to others but we fail to do the same to ourselves. We beat ourselves so much trying to achieve unrealistic goals. The best thing you can ever do to yourself is to be pragmatic when setting your goals. Set goals which match your set of skills. Again, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t push ourselves to the limits, but we must do it moderately. Of what benefit will it be to you if you break your back, trying to impress, by punching above your weight?
5. You Are Always Capable Of More Than You Think; Keep Discovering Your Abilities
You can attest to the fact that, sometimes in your life, you have come to a point where you felt overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of a problem that you faced. But somehow you pulled through! How did you do it? You never imagined all along that you had the capability in you to climb such a steep mountain! It might be that new project that your manager assigned to you and it looked like mission impossible. It might be the major medical surgery that looked impossible to pull through, but you made it through your sheer willpower. It might be the new course you enrolled in and, at the beginning, it looked like Greek, but you finally made it!
Science arguably has it that humans only use 10% of their brains. Whether this is a myth or fact, we have always proved that our brain’s full potential is yet to be utilised, any time we surmount new challenges and scale new heights. Life challenges keep taking us to the next level of thinking and once we discover a new way of dealing with a problem, we are happier than we were before. That is life for you.
Steve Maraboli, a renowned motivational author and speaker said that “Sometimes life knocks you on your ass…get up, get up!!! Happiness is not the absence of problems; it is the ability to deal with them.” How true! All you need to be happy is not amassing all that wealth that you chase day and night. All you need is to master the abilities to deal with your problems and, voila! You will be grinning from ear to ear, oozing with pure happiness!
Whenever you are faced with a new challenge, just stand back for a minute and reflect on your past successes. Think of how much experience and skills you have gathered over the years. This will slowly give you the confidence you need to slay the new Goliath before you.
6. You Need Some Irreducible Values For You To Succeed In Life
You must identify some values that are dear to your social relationships and cherish them. Such values include strong work ethics, as well as transparency and honesty in all your undertakings. You also need to be kind and respectful to others and you will most of the time get the same back in equal measure, if not twofold. Lead more through real examples and not just mere talk. This is one of the greatest keys to self-fulfillment and it must be treasured and safeguarded at all costs.
7. Be aware of your biases and prejudices
Most people end up living a fake life just because they never take their time to discover their biases and prejudices. These are normally a set of beliefs that we grew up dearly holding onto, which might not be necessarily the truth. These can be blamed on our upbringing, but that shouldn’t be an excuse if we fail to do our own research and question some of the prejudices and biases deeply ingrained in us, once we grow up.
Marcus Aurelius aptly puts it that, “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
Just think about it. A good percentage of the things that you know, are things that you were taught while growing up! You took them in as gospel truth, including some funny tribal nonsense like most Kikuyus are thieves, all Luyhas love ugali and chicken, all Kisiis are a hot-tempered lot, or all Muslims are this, all Christians are that …and much more. The main tragedy lies not in the presence of such prejudices and biases, but in our failure to pause and question their authenticity. Most of them were mere opinions of their originators!
Acknowledging that we mostly look at everything through prisms which are normally tinted with biases and prejudices is perhaps the most difficult life fact. The tints colour everything we think, feel and everything that we are really passionate about. They become our truths; our default positions.
It, therefore, comes as no surprise when you project your innate and irrational prejudices on to the people that you interact with daily. This is how we end up with preconceived ideas about people of different races, people of different ethnic backgrounds, people of certain educational backgrounds and even people with weight issues!
Sometimes we judge people according to how we knew them a few years back, overlooking the fact that people indeed grow and change. The day we start questioning the origin of our social attitudes and how they are shaped by our biases and prejudices; that is the time maturity comes knocking.
8. The Most Important Person Who Needs To Believe In You Is YOU
You can never be in control if you don’t believe in yourself. It makes you really vulnerable. But we must admit that it is never easy to believe in oneself, especially when things start getting out of control. In such moments, you can be forgiven if you horribly feel like a marionette on a string. When faced with such circumstances, you can easily regain your self-belief, and hence be in control once more, by doing the following:
• Stop asking questions that begin with what if …? Or the most common one: why me?
• Never let your thoughts dwell in your past failures
• Try to be as independent as you can in making simple decisions
• Stop procrastinating
• Make a list of simple things that you can do daily and they make you feel better
• Each time ensure you include one task that you might have been putting off for a while.
If you try the above, the small things that you accomplish every day will definitely enable you to regain back your confidence and be in control of your life once more.
9. You Can Only Manage Fear And Stress; You Can’t Eliminate them
A lot of the stress we feel emanates from negative thinking, which ends up getting out of control and giving way to unreasonable fears of what might happen. You have to learn to accept that, it is not all things that you can remain in control of. Sometimes you have to let go of the things that are beyond your control. According to Steve Maraboli (If I can quote him once more) “You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” This means that we can only control a limited number things in life.
Once you understand that you can never control everything in nature, and you learn to let go of what is beyond your control, stress becomes manageable even if it might not disappear per se. Always remember of the many difficult situations you have dealt with before and how you managed to pull through, anytime things get tough. Somehow, there is always a way out of every situation.
10. Only the truth can set all of us free
Do you know how to handle the truth? Over time, some facts have been established as constant truths. Humanity’s desire for the truth is immense and it permeates every sphere of our lives, right from our governments, our courts of law, our religions as well as our individual relationships. We naturally get furious whenever we suspect even the smallest hint of lack of honesty and transparency.
Lack of honesty leads to mistrust and this can be very toxic and corrosive to any form of human relationships. At times, the innocent comments about a partner’s outfit or cooking might call for more kindness and wisdom than honesty. For instance, how many times do you find yourself exclaiming, “Wow! You are smart in that outfit. You look drop dead gorgeous!” when you are actually thinking; “God gracious! Where did she pick these ugly sacks from?” Or you might say, “Hmmm! This tastes yummy!” when you are actually thinking, “Jesus! This tastes like a mixture of sawdust and pieces of a mattress!”
It is alright, don’t feel bad about yourself. Sometimes conventional wisdom demands that we throw in a lie or two, for the sake of world peace. Just like in the examples above, where you have to avoid offending a loved one. However, this shouldn’t be your usual modus operandi, especially if you want your relationship to be set on a firm foundation.
We live in a world where people gloss over the truth, twist and re-invent it so long as it fits their circumstances. Just ask yourself, how prepared are you to demand the truth anytime anywhere, be it from your government failures or your loved one’s weaknesses and failings? Sometimes such questions and answers can really hurt or be unkind. If you are ready to face such weighty and sensitive questions, then you are ready to taste real freedom.
Just like the Buddha said, “There are three things that cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth.” When doing life, always remain true to yourself while striving to be as truthful and realistic as you can get. Only then can you find true happiness.


I Had promised myself that I would desist from writing any political commentaries on this forum for an unspecified period of time, but some developments are just so dramatic that they can never go unnoticed. They just prod you to say something political 😎.
Maybe each one of us is a political animal of sorts. But doesn’t politics affect every sphere of our lives? Just like the good, old, self-declared prof of politics (MO1) once quipped; “SIASA MBAYA MAISHA MBAYA.” So we all have an obligation of keeping an eye on our politics and possibly ensuring that it’s sanitized.
For instance, how can anybody explain the spectacular about-turn beaten by the president, while in Wajir last weekend? Jubilee party was founded on the basis of killing all small tribal parties and forming one huge monolith that would supposedly unite all Kenyans under one roof. Like a big predator in the jungle, Jubilee mercilessly made a meal out of over ten smaller political parties, to form JP.
JP mandarins then moved swiftly to read the riot act to smaller parties which claimed to support president Uhuru, from without, in his perceived strongholds. They were clearly told that you are either in JP or against us! Jubilee even went ahead to bulldoze a law, through parliament, that stopped party-hopping after nominations; purely aimed at locking any disgruntled members within JP after nominations (rather selfish, if you ask me).
So what changed? What happened to the quest for unity under one umbrella party? Barely five months down the line, the president beat a haste retreat in Wajir, over the weekend, when he said that JP now has no problem with some small “tribal” parties, so long as they support his presidency! If this is not eating humble pie, then tell me what is.
It would appear that, as the Jubilee top brass run their voices hoarse taunting NASA principals, in political rallies, on their inability to settle on one of them as a presidential “Flaka pearer,” as Weta would say, the Jubilee house is itself on fire. Their unsolicited advice to NASA is a diversionary tactic from their own sticky issues. The JP nominations are an ominous disaster waiting to happen and a massive fallout is most likely going to break the giant party’s back.
The Jubilee top brass is realizing too late that killing all those small parties to form a gigantic monolith wasn’t a wise idea after all. In ecology, we learn that the bigger animals that rule the jungle never survive without the smaller animals that occupy the lower feeding levels in the food chains. Nothing can be unforgiving as an imbalanced ecosystem. And the JP owners might painfully know this soon.


Uhuru in combat gear
In the last four years, I have lost count of the 21 gun salute ceremonies, in the compound housing the big white mansion on the hill, known as statehouse.
However, what isn’t clear is whether this grandiose show of might, whenever some head of state is touring our breath-taking landscape really amounts to anything beneficial to the common Kenyan citizen.
Our current head of state never seems to miss an opportunity to don his full C-in-C uniform with teenage enthusiasm. I have also lost count of the times he has appeared in public in his ceremonial combat gear.
Whether he is making an impromptu visit to an army camp or presiding over some pass out of new recruits into the armed forces, unlike his predecessors, president Uhuru apparently enjoys looking very tough and powerful in his armed forces uniform.
The same enthusiasm seems to be extended to the numerous 21 gun salute ceremonies which, according to many Kenyans, never seem to add any value to our fledgling economy and the ever worsening cost of living. By the way, how many of you understand the meaning of the 21 gun salute ritual besides the noise and air pollution that accompany it? And why 21 not 40?
To me, 40 is more ideal as it symbolizes the number of days a thief is given on earth. But even this is also too much generosity for a thief! A thief is supposed to be given a maximum of one day to say goodbye to family, if he has any. So I don’t agree with the 40 days too😌. We need to reduce them ASAP.
However, I think there is one last 21 gun salute that can make a lot of sense in the Jubilee regime, which seems to be so obsessed with this very old colonial ritual.
As a matter of fact, the Jubilee regime deserves one last honour of a 21 gun salute for their unmatched prowess in grand corruption, before we send them packing this August.
We must agree that it is not easy to be at the top of the world in the sophisticated game of grand corruption! It’s even harder to convince a sane tribal following that there is no grand corruption in gov’t even when they are actually staring at it in broad daylight! It takes a lot of effort to achieve this.
Let’s relocate this one last and important 21 gun salute ceremony to Uhuru park and invite the public too. This time round, let’s pick 21 of the biggest beneficiaries of grand corruption scams like NYS, EUROBOND, MAFYA HOUSE together with a few top drug and poaching barons.
For each of the 21 powerful shots, let’s put one of these idiots a few meters in front of the cannon and aim the cannon nozzle at the head, then carefully pull the trigger. Repeat this procedure for each of the 21 shots.
By the time the head of the 21st idiot is blown into smithereens, we will all sing goodbye to grand corruption, drug trafficking and poaching in this country. Now, that last 21 gun salute will make a lot of sense to most of us.

Why I am Loving the President’s Political Advisors Lately


mr ali hassan joho county capital mombasa town co

Whether the Jubilee government manages to fix Ali Hassan Joho or not, on this certificates saga that has now morphed into a national concern, the president will be left with a lot of egg on his face for one simple reason: he publicly swore to “nyorosha” the 001 governor for political reasons. So, it has not been lost on Kenyans that the frenzied alacrity with which over five government agencies have descended upon the Mombasa governor is obviously fuelled by the president’s desperate need to “Nyorosha” Joho. This makes him come across as the pettiest president in this side of the Sahara today.

As a matter of fact, there is no current Kenyan governor who is as crazily popular among his people as Ali Hassan Joho. What this means is that, when the president declares that he will “nyorosha” Joho, in essence, what he is saying is that he will “nyorosha” the Mombasa people, and by extension, the coastal people. Trust me when things get this thick, it is no longer about whether Joho’s papers are genuine or not. Things have just snowballed into one huge political vendetta and the one, who will end up being “nyoroshwad” down at the coast come August 8th, is one Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.  He will definitely be going back there to ask for votes, in his re-election bid. While Joho’s votes are already assured, the funny appetite to “nyorosha Joho” has rubbished any inroads made by Jubilee at the coast, in one fell swoop.

I am beginning to love the president’s political advisors. These guys are a bunch of geniuses, and just like anyone else, they might be secretly getting tired of the Jubilee misrule in this country. Maybe they silently detest the fact that the dreaded Moi era tendencies of using state power to arm-twist opponents, are slowly creeping back through the Jubilee regime.  So what do they do? As clever guys, they go ahead and cunningly mislead the president. They tell him that:

 “You must come out as a tough and no-nonsense president! To begin with  ‘nyorosha Joho kabisa!’  Just make use of all state agencies led by your tribesmen to probe the authenticity of his credentials. As a strong and decisive president, don’t waste time sparring with village governors like Nanok, call him ‘shetani, ghasia ashindwe’ and move on! They must have also told him that, “When you go to places like Kisii, remember these idiots never voted for you. Don’t hesitate to remind them that, ‘hamkutupigia kura but due to my benevolent nature, I have made two of your kinsmen big people in government. One is a full CS and the other a whole chief justice!”

Don’t you love the ingenious presidential advisors lately too? And that is the short story of how Uhuru Kenyatta ended up as a one term president in August 2017.




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Long since I wrote here. This is where I come to vent whenever I have I tirade – as my big bro Sammy Mwatha calls them – to dispense with.
The United Arab Emirates – a desert nation – has donated food to Kenya, a country which boasts that Agriculture is the backbone of its economy! Who bewitched us?
Our problem is too obvious. We always get it wrong in terms of choosing visionary leaders and ensuring that we force their hand to do what’s right, like any self-respecting nation ought to do.
We allow egotistic and irreparably corrupt idiots to lead us right from the political front to our hallowed corridors of the academia, but still hope that all shall be well. Why do we keep doing the same thing, the same way, over and over, but expect different results?
Today, any imbecile with deep enough pockets and a loud running mouth can easily buy political power in Kenya, regardless of the source of his/her wealth. And here we are wondering why the country is stuck in a rut! Our systems are totally rotten and compromised. Few people in positions of influence think of the common good anymore.
Yesterday, I was seated in some joint, next to two university professors, and I had to pinch myself several times just to make sure that what I was hearing was real, not a dream. Eavesdropping is not one of my favourite pastimes, but what they were discussing instantly caught my attention. They talked in hushed tones but I was near enough to clearly get what they were saying.
The two dons went on and on boasting how they’ve swindled research money. I was astonished to learn that they were talking about grants donated by foreign well-wishers, when they mentioned the Bill Gates foundation and something about KARI.
One of them proudly proclaimed how he made two million from a recent project, before the donor withdrew the funding, probably after suspecting misuse of the grants. As their drink got the better of them, they kept boasting of their corrupt exploits and the one doing much of the talking revealed how sometime ago he was surprised to discover some good money lying in his bank account, only to realise that it was his share of the research spoils that had been sent there by whoever was in charge of the project they were “working” on.
I flinched when I thought that these are the people we’re banking on to fix the perennial hunger problem in the country, through innovative Agricultural practices, enabled by proper Agricultural research. God Himself has to come down and save his people.
I was so nauseated and felt like confronting the two idiots and physically assaulting them, but then the reality hit me hard. Right there, seated before me, sipping an expensive drink, was the embodiment of what ails this country. What I heard was an absolute eye opener. It made me realise that the malaise of runaway corruption in this country is deeper than we always imagine, and nobody can be fully trusted.
Utter selfishness and the deeply entrenched “my chance to eat” culture of those in positions of influence can never allow this country to effectively deal with the calamities that afflict us year in year out. We the commoners are merely surviving in a completely rotten system; rotten from the head all the way down.
Is it any wonder then, that we are running to desert countries, begging bowl in hand, as our people feed on drought ravaged, animal carcasses and wild roots? The big question still remains; when are we planning to discard the begging bowl?
Only us the people can fix the system. We need a paradigm shift from the helpless victim mentality and the chronic Stockholm Syndrome that afflicts us. We all love our big thieves. Simply sharing our mother tongue with them is enough to placate us. Isn’t it?
We must wake up and start thinking how we can execute a complete overhaul in our governance systems. That is the bare minimum of what we must urgently do, if things are to change in this country.

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